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sh network 7- Press CH Down once, then VOL Right Twice, you will now see Nagravision 2 displayed top left You are now at the key 00, Press CH Down once so you can edit the Key Data 9- Enter your new keys (write down the old ones to be safe) 10- Press Ok to store, then repeat with key 01 11- Press exit until you get back to tv, all channels will be available 1) Press EXIT button twice a Keys window will open "Current key info." to the right of the word "Index", you'll find the active Key to be changed so... 3- Then scroll down with your remote to the provider name.

Index: 0x00000001 means key01 is active Index: 0x00000000 means key00 is active 2) Press yellow button. 4- Press OK button once on the provider you wish to put keys in for. 5- Scroll to the line you want to edit and push the blue button and a box will pop up for you to put the keys in on the line you highlighted. (Index 10 & 20) 4- Once you choose Provider and Index to change Key value, press OK button.

1- Press Green button 2- Red button 3- Red button 4- Menu button 5- Press right arrow several times until you see nagravision 6- Now depend on the key that changed and it is active you must scroll down til proper key to be changed Example: On 06/09/05 ECM key 01 is active. Select the set of keys that you want to update (01 OR 00), Provider Name, Provider ID & Provider Index.

Scroll down to provider 000101 01 key line and enter xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx (enter number with your # button in your remote and for letter follow code definition button on your TV screen) 7- Press OK for 5 seconds. 1- Press Menu 2- Scroll Down to Parental Control, Press Enter 3- Press "i" key on remote, then enter pin number "2004" 4- Scroll down to Set Default Key, Press Enter 5- Scroll up to Nagravision, Press Enter 6- Press VOL Right twice, you will see d! Select the set of keys that you want to update (00 OR 01) Using the on-screen keyboard, type in the new keys Once you have completed the new key entry, click on the update green button on the remote and then select yes to update button. SP6000 / SP6000 Premium 1- Press zero on the remote and that will take you into the menu where the keys are. sh or B3V) by scrolling left or rite with the remote.

2- Press PAGE DOWN on remote 3- Press RED button on remote 4- Enter the current active key (for letters use CH UP/DOWN keys on remote and OK) 5- Select "ok" (under F) and press OK on remote .this time you'll have video and sound 6- EXIT 4000 / 5000 / 6000 Enter 8282 with remote as if choosing channel to open CAS Menu. 6- Press right arrow until NAGRA appears in the first line.

3) Push exit button Menu Scroll left to Keyworks OK Enter the Menu's by pressing OK Enter the keys as needed with the buttons as instructed on screen. Pressing it on different options brings you to the next. Patch Menu or 1- Go to a scrambled channel for that provider.

Use channel up and down button on remote to scroll to different Key Slot IDs and Key Slots. [10] XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 1- Press MENU 2- Scroll down to System Setting. If you see a red dot in the botton/left of your screen, go to step 5 4- Enter number 1004. and enter key 01 10- Scroll To Save Key 11- Press OK 12- Exit and Enjoy Magnum Go to the main menu Select the Embedded CAS and choose softcam.

Use volume up and down button on remote to scroll to Nagravision Provider Id. Press it once for A , twice for B , Etc and channel number key pad for number entries Or you can press OK and it will open a Keyboard selection type menu to enter keys.) When key change is complete, Press Exit and confirm key change save. 7- Down arrow up to Provider and right arrow up to 0001. scroll to the letters and number and enter Key 00 9-Scroll down to second key line, press ok.

then push the blue button on your remote and it will be set at default. Press Menu Choose Configuration - Embedded Cas - Nagra 2 - Then press idea D! There you will see F1 & F2 Update F1 with the first half of the new key. After updating the keys, press "EPG" to save then press "EXIT" and watch tv! The distribution of said information is considered a form of free speech.

3- push exit button and wait untill it finds the keys and watch tv. 2- Press COLOR BUTTONs for desired CAS(Video Encryption) on your remote. The information contained in any of my posts relating to DSS satellite reception is information that I have gathered from publicly sources under the same protections of Free Speech governed under the Laws of the U. I do not advocate the illegal use of such information under the U.

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