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Among the fire's ruin, burnt pages from hymnals fly around, chaotic as brown moths.Blacksmith-forged nails lie mingled with the femurs and yiabiae of ministers buried a hundred years ago beneath the church's floorboards.Burned to the ground last May, Holen is the most recent castrophe in Norway's ongong national disaster: 22 churches, some dating to medieval times, destroyed by arson over the last four years.A little white-haired man kneels at his wife's gravestone, one of the many that surround the site where the church once stood.Fir trees line the fjords, and just about everyone is blonde, high cheek-boned, and cruelly beautiful.

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Norwegian Black Metal was born in the late '80's, the product of a unholy union between death-metal churn and Viking bloodlust.Article from SPIN Magazine, February 1996, typed by Ed "The Metalhead" Lewandowski ([email protected]) by Darcey Steinke Norway's Neo-Vikings are on a quest to end Christ's reign on Earth.Along the way, they're burning medieval churches, slughtering their rivals, and playing Black Metal till the dark gods return. The sky is blanketed by swollen, gray clouds, Under this leaden bell jar, an hour outside Oslo in the Norwegian Countryside, lie the remains of Holen Church – just the pink granite foundation and several piles of charred pine.It melds speed metal's thrashing guitars with an ambient subtext that shows up in everything from darkly symphonic synth to medieval lute solos.

In a stone building downtown, a lone, neatly dressed junkie out front leans into a nod, the only clue that one of hell's many chambers looms six flights above.

The band Mayhem used to practice here, in a room framedby a puke-stained carpet below and swastika flags tacked up overhead.