Vincent cassel dating

07-Sep-2016 11:49

Vincent Cassel introduces his new movie, "Mesrine," and talks about his career and his love of Brazil.

Taking a date to a movie can ultimately be a dicey proposition. In this case you most likely have a massive stuffed animal collection and wedding wish-box based on your Pinterest feed.

At some point in history, Marlon Brando was a verified sex symbol.

By the time Bernardo Bertolucci cast him in Last Tango in Paris, his sex appeal was severely on the wane, and the once impressive star was making his way towards the bizarrely behaving and dangerously overweight Brando audiences were treated to later in life.

Friday 08/20/2010 Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi addresses the flooding crisis in Pakistan that has left more than a fifth of the country under water.

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That you are an awkward and potentially dangerous loner?

Maybe just stick to a Pixar tearjerker and keep your horrifying demons under wraps until the ink has dried on your marriage certificate.

That you enjoy genital torture and deviant sexual behavior?

That you are emotionally stunted and become disillusioned with romantic relationships almost immediately?

Proponent of sappy romances that always end happily ever after?Using this logic, what might the following films say about you to a prospective paramour?