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13-May-2016 13:38

Dating is hard enough as it is, what with the hype and evaluation criteria (of scrutinizing a date in the first meeting itself) becoming more and more, well, cryptic, to say the least.

Add to that an angle of zodiacs and voila, you got yourself quite a riddle.

You can ask him for a dance on the date; nothing is as romantic as dancing with the guy you immensely like.

Absolutely, don’t try to be artificial or try to put on a show for him. They believe in natural beauty and are rarely impressed by good dresses, make-up, jewellery, and other adorning things. First things first: it is absolutely okay to ask a guy for a dance.

Virgo men are full of fun and frolic, especially when they are on the dance floor.

Solve it if you can, is the challenge your mind throws on you but don’t worry, for we are here, with enough hints and clues to help you crack the code.

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They are popular as “perfectionists”, so if you are inviting him at your residence then keep in mind that your home and belongings are clean, neatly organized and perfect. You can also take him for some outdoor games or adventure sports.

New experiences are what they thrive on, and sharing new experiences with them will put you in their good books.

Just Ask It’s the same with men; they will never be the first ones to approach anyone and always expect others to do it.

So, step ahead and approach him in a simple yet elegant way with a shot of innocence.

They believe to work in an organized manner that leads to no or few mistakes and a perfect end!

Now, keeping that in mind, let’s check out some of the tips on dating a Virgo. Dating Virgo Men Meeting Place Before asking out for a date, do keep in mind the personal traits of Virgo men: they don’t like hi-fi surroundings, but prefer the place tidy and well arranged.