Vlookup not updating automatically

03-Jul-2015 13:30

Allpast issues online here: newsletter isdivided into four sections:1. Hopefully this hectic period is coming toan end and we can now concentrate on getting our books in order to please thetax man, before returning to our normal "really busy" state, asopposed to our "flat out like a lizard drinking" state as they say in Oz. Well, it has been the end of the financial yearhere in Australia (30 June) so as you can imagine, we have been extremely busyfulfilling client obligations.The first package we will be putting on line is our Microsoft Excel - Level 2 course as this is one of our most popularcourses.If all goes how we hope it will, we will follow this with all ourother training courses.In this article, we will learn how we can automatically define the names for ranges in lists in Microsoft Excel 2010.Let’s take an example to understand how we can define the names for ranges automatically.While the sport is not that big in Australia, I think it gets biggereach time the World Cup comes around.

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Hopefullyour on-line lessons will be up and ready to go at the end of this month.We have spent lots of time over the last few weeks checking and updating things,and working with our web developer to get the lessons into an easy-to-use,user-friendly format. Helpful information It ispublished on about the 10Herewe are in July already.Ahuge congratulations to our Brazilian subscribers for winning the World Cup(again).

We have a workbook in which we have 3 lists in 3 columns.Column A contains month name, column B contains Week name and column C contains Serial number.