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In 2001, John Di Maggio won the Annie award for outstanding voice acting in his role as Bender in the episode "Bendless Love".Voice Samples: Name: Katey Sagal Birthdate: January 19th, 195?Around 1997 John auditioned for several voice acting jobs.He voiced characters for TV and cinema productions such as "Princess Mononoke", "The Animatrix", "Kim Possible" and "Samurai Jack" as well as video game character Wakka in "Final Fantasy X".Still, his biggest gig has to be Futurama on which Bender - the drinking, smoking, roboporn loving robot - is his most remarkable voice.But John does not only play his role model's voice, he plays them all.Name: John Di Maggio Birthdate: September 4th From: North Plainfield, NJ Voiced: Bender - The lovable rascal Voiced: Flexo - Evil Twin Voiced: URL - The Robo Cop Voiced: Sal - Job-a-Day guy Voiced: Elzar - Chef with a BAM!

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Many of the Futurama voice actors have quite an extensive work portfolio and you might be surprised when seeing what they did before.

In total, he probably voiced around 50 characters on the show.

The list goes from Elzar, Sal and Mr Panucci over URL the police robot and Mom's son Ignez right to the Puerto Rican transvestite bot which was only added to make use of that voice.

After appearing on "Caroline's Comedy Hour", "Evening at the Improv", "MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour", "Apollo Comedy Club" and "MTV - Comikaze" he went with smaller TV series appearances on "Law & Order", "NYPD Blue" and "Chicago Hope" among others.One of his feature length roles was Steve Ballmer - the current Microsoft CEO - in "The Pirates of Silicon Valley".