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They knew it meant the weeks of living together would be put on pause, but in the long run it would mean He could move to Her city.

He would spend less time with Her and more focusing on His business.

He had never touched anyone the way He touched Her. He had never been touched by anyone the way She touched Him. He pretended to work, but today He was mind was distracted… The plan was for Him to come down Friday for the holiday weekend.

His eyes followed Her lines, from Her manicured toes, over Her long legs, Her torso, breasts, neck to face. He would touch Her with a religious reverence, and She withheld no part of herself from Him. Caressing His chest with Her hand while lying on His shoulder. But really I just want you here for selfish reasons.

He thought She would need an evening alone to recuperate before He arrived. They had been spending the vast majority of nights together, but it seemed to make Him miss Her more rather than less.

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He liked to call Her “My Tall Girl.” He loved Her length, stretched out next to Him on the bed, duvet kicked aside in heat. Closing Her eyes in pleasure as He rubbed Her feet and legs, snuggling against Him once He was done. I have to go home Tue morning kinda no matter what. PM Him: You’re great at indirect answers PM Her: Kinda.

He pulled a pillow into His chest and willed it to become Her. It’s my Hordor PM Her: Will coming tomorrow be better? PM Her: I have to work – 230 meeting then I hope to be out. PM Him: You know how you like to tell me you love me when you are really feeling it?