Weatherpanel not updating

26-Mar-2015 23:28

- it updates the dll only and keeps your current settings intact... t=9608"]Weather Panel download index[/url] for more Weather Panel stuff...----------------------------------------------A consolidated version of Weather Panel for 2010.This is a free version, with these enhancements:01/03/2010 - Update: * Extended moon phase data through year 2012.01/03/2009 - Minor update: * Adjusted hourly data fix - again!I have been Weather Panel user for a very long time.As you know, Weather Panel is a program made and commercialized by Marsware. If you do not currently own Weather Panel you may want to look at other options such as Pocket Weather.

I understand this could be caused by many things: disaster, family emergency...

Incorporated GMT offset into date calculations (thanks to tcbusch, who analyzed and developed the gmt offset logic).01/01/2009 - Minor update: * Adjusted hourly data fix for 2009.

The gap has increased by 366 days.10/13/2008 - Minor update: * Fixed a bug in the "hourly data fix" script that prevented WP from using hourly forecast data as current conditions data expired.

The Marsware user forum has been abandoned and has been taken over entirely by spammers WP has a large skinner community, which still perpetuates WP with wonderful skins include new square screen support.

You can find the new location maintained 100 by WP user community HERE!* Modified hourly data fix script to always run from main storage - which fixes the issue where the script dialog would show after every soft reset (when WP was installed to storage card). In one day, our little web server went from an average of a few hundred hits a day to over 20,000! By the way, the authorizing domain is now the best I could come up with in a short amount of time.

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