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22-Oct-2016 01:25

Flash content loads very fast and playback is smooth.

When the app crashes it will recover your previously opened tabs and ask if you want to re-download them.

Whenever someone asks me to recommend an app that supports Flash videos on their i Pad, I recommend Puffin Web Browser (.99).

You can then visit your favorite flash-only video site to see how Puffin performs.

I’ve tried a few other i OS apps that promise Flash support, but none of them performed as well as Puffin.

Notice also (in the first screenshot above) that there are a range interface and other tweaks setting up Puffin the way you want it, such as selecting a different color theme, blocking pop-ups and saving passwords.

You can also clear cache, cookies, download history, and clear form data faster in Puffin than in Apple’s Safari.

Flash support may not be enabled by default on the app, so if a Flash video doesn’t play, tap on the top-right menu icon, and select .

For the best viewing of videos, you probably should turn your device to landscape view, and then tap Theatre Mode inside the app menu to view the full screen.