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The pictured gallery is a mile long, 200 yards high, and not quite that wide. After the story and photograph were published they went viral on the internet.

The photo story received the World Press Photo Award and the Picture of the Year award, but most meaningful for me was the National Geographic Photographers Photographer Award.

When the ocean receded, the only structure remaining was this mosque. I learned a great deal during many months covering this tragedy, a disaster where there was no one to blame.

Such events solidifying how precious our time is, reminding us how astonishingly alive is our earth, how nature gives but also takes, and how important it is for all of us to to hold sacred this gifted period we have to do something, no matter how grand or small.

The human impact was minimized as much as possible, local guides and porters were employed for expensive guided excursions, and money was earned.When we met she said, “In my whole life I have never felt love.” In the years that followed, I carried her devastating words in my heart and saw them echoed in the faces of child brides around the world as my personal photography project slowly turned into something much bigger—moving from a story in to an international advocacy campaign and nonprofit called “Too Young to Wed.” Last week, the United Nations general assembly adopted a historic resolution to end child, early, and forced marriage.I am grateful for Mejgon’s friendship that day and the impact she has had on my life and my work.Each day I’m thankful for the simple act of waking up and putting my feet on the ground. Accepting and thankful for whatever time I’ll be given, hoping I am humble enough, thankful as surely these women and men who went on to dream and live another day.— A single conversation ten years ago changed the course of my life.

Mejgon’s story wasn’t a happy one; she was married off at 11, and at 15 years old she was living in a shelter, home to several Afghan girls who’d escaped their marriages.Now, though, Sun Group and the Austrian Doppelmayr Company are planning a six-mile long cable car.

Particularly difficult to do it on the web, where much is hidden from us: we can't see the person who we communicating with, can't see his temperament and character.… continue reading »

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Other Nintendo DS models use Picto Chat, which allows users to send not only text messages but to actually draw images using their stylus and send them to other users.… continue reading »

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She’s got excuses galore, and you keep believing her until you just can’t stand it anymore. Finally there’s the scenario where the woman is crazy about you but decides she just isn’t going to leave her husband, kids, house, neighborhood or whatever it is for you. Affairs of the heart happen, but being in love with someone isn’t a guarantee that things will work out. Dating a married woman is a promise for lots of lonely nights and broken promises, but sometimes it can work out in your favor.… continue reading »

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