What does god think of internet dating

21-Jul-2016 01:09

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" Another Christian stated: "As long as the relationship acknowledges God as the Lord and King of that relationship, I do not see anything wrong with it." Twenty-seven percent of Christians said that they did not believe that using online dating services was Biblical.

"What's bad about Internet dating is that one is not even sure that the person on the other side is 'real'," said one responder.

Christia Net.com, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is Internet dating Biblical?

" "A majority of Christians say that they are not sure whether or not Internet dating is Biblical," said Bill Cooper, president of Christia Net.

With over 1,200 Christians responding to the survey, 44% said that they were unsure about whether using an Internet dating service is Biblical.

"I believe meeting people through the Internet is preferable to, say, a bar! "It's a modern way of meeting people so if one is careful and 'meets' other Christians, then where's the harm? "I think the main thing is that we are careful to avoid an uneven yoke with an unbeliever," reasoned another Christian, adding: "There is nothing 'evil' in and of itself about Internet dating." Twenty-nine percent of Christians surveyed believe that finding romantic partners via the Internet is, in fact, Biblical.

This brings us to the biggest con of online anything: The bad guys lie.

"As long as the people are responsible and Christlike, this is fine," said one Christian, adding: "God uses roads, telephones, air planes, all are means of communication in one form or another.Would we have wondered one hundred years ago if it is okay to meet someone by traveling in an automobile?