What is time averaging dating dating ohone lines

13-May-2016 12:46

The secret to date/time averaging is that date/time stamps can be represented as a floating point number.

I have covered this a number of times on this blog so I won't go into too much detail, but the idea is that as a floating point number, the integer part represents the number of days since the beginning of time (as the SQL server defines it) and the decimal part represents the time or rather, the fraction of days.

SQL does not make this conversion for you; you have to CAST the date/time stamp as a FLOAT value: Once you do this, it's easy to see how averaging can take place.

Of course, you could create a cell with a formula that uses MONTH and DAY of the date but the same year for each one.

Perfect, I didn't think about your option before. I used =DATEVALUE(TEXT(F2,"mm/dd")), and that added the same year to all the dates.

Since you don't want fractional answers, you'll have to use ROUND() also.

There are several types of date/time averaging in SQL.

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