What is validating parking mean

30-Apr-2015 19:56

Not all merchants offer it or advertise that they will validate, so customers should be sure to check with the business they are visiting before leaving.

In many garages and lots, signs are posted stating that participating merchants should be visited for parking validation.

Most garages offer a limited amount of free parking with validation, usually between one and four hours.

You may need someone to validate your feelings, which means that you want to hear, “No, you’re not crazy.

It’s acceptable to be angry about that.” Or you may need someone to validate your parking ticket — which means you have to prove that you bought something, so you can get parking for free.

Whatever it is you are seeking to validate needs the added support or action from someone else to make it valid.

Parking validation is a co-operative effort between businesses and local parking laws that gives customers the ability to waive parking fees.

Use the many different options for parking validation and cross-promotion.

Together with local and regional companies, you can offer customers the best conditions for stress-free shopping and parking.

Garages and parking lots will often offer validation to customers of nearby shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The goal of this system is to promote business by offering free parking, while the businesses return the favor by paying the city a small premium.

Some cities or towns charge merchants by the number of times the validation is used, while others impose a monthly fee for the service.

Ideally, the merchant will see increased business for a nominal fee, and the city will still be getting paid for the use of its parking facilities.