Whats the best online virtual sex chat game

20-Jan-2015 14:36

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I might do a bit more work on it though, so any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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Other sites allow interaction, chat and games; but the more advanced sites are more virtual worlds than websites – for example Second Life and Whyville.The main players are already well established, this is nothing new; but the increasing mainstream use, and the more interesting ways companies are using these tools suggests the way we use the Internet, and interact with people will increasingly change.It’s funny how we have had the ability to upload photos, and chat using web cams for some time – showing a real image of yourself, yet people are moving to a more morphed version of themselves – a realistic, but clearly not real cartoon/graphical representation.anyway, should all be working now though **** Also, might do a much ruder version if the audience is there for it. Just work on your story lines and you would really have something great.

There seems to be a growing number of graphical and 3D Avatar Chat rooms, and 3D Avatar games and services. I had no idea that the internet was full of these alternative universes.

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