White label dating voucher code

27-Mar-2015 00:09

Promotion packs allow you to buy a number of activation codes in advance, thus benefiting from a volume discount.In the content management system integrated within the whitelabel platform you can easily create your own mobile optimized landingpages.We have already prepared a different set of categories to start with, like coupons, business cards, product presentation pages and much more... The QR Code Management Tool of qrd°by is also available as a White Label Platform.Brand qrd°by with your own logo and name and use our platform under your domain.

As an administrator you can create user accounts and setup the number of QR Codes each user is allowed to have.

Instead of our domain you can use a custom domain and your customers will never see any reference to anymore.

Your QR Codes will also include your custom domain instead of

You may try out our Demonstration White Label Platform directly here: or evaluate your own White Label Platform with all features activated 30 days free of charge & without obligation Start a 30 Days Free White Label Trial As the administrator of the platform you can create as many user accounts for your employees or customers as you want.

Subscription plans enable you to carry out unlimited promotions in any of the Facebook Pages that you manage.A subscription can be taken out per month or per year..

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