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26-Jan-2015 19:17

If you need to catch up before the fun starts you can do it at either Now there is some housecleaning. You guys (and girls) are incredible when it comes to feedback, but like an addict I want more.

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Hopefully what you are about to witness will make it worth the wait. Both experienced and inexperienced girls alike were invited down for the party Sarah didn’t know about.Let’s do a little plot recap first, because there sure as hell aint gonna be no plot in this section of the story. Sarah was holding the secret that she was going to move out of Malibu and never look back as soon as she married Freddie, but that wasn’t weighing on her mind. Some knew what they were getting into and others were in for a rather eye opening experience.And speaking of Sarah, her sexual deprivation had left her close to madness and whatever relief she felt when she was surprised with the party was quickly forgotten when she found herself tied to a chair awaiting the rather unique celebration that had been designed for her.That was right where we left off so be prepared to pick up on the action without much more ado.

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I mean leaving you like that, with Sarah tied down to a chair in front of a room filled with horny girls, and then not posting more for two whole weeks.

You should have called Amnesty International on me.