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We were safe, we had everything we needed to survive. No-one who couldn't justify their place, earn their keep. My sister was diabetic, and by Crawford's rules, that made her a liability. Eventually, though, it is revealed that beneath her aggressive attitude are the remains of a caring person. When the dead started walking and Crawford shut itself in, it seemed like a pretty good deal at first. Upon first meeting Molly, she seems to be entirely unsympathetic and selfish, as she almost leaves Kenny and Lee to be devoured by walkers.Later on, the safe sanctuary of Crawford tightened its security, eliminating any liabilities such as children, the elderly, and the sick.Unfortunately, her sister was stricken with diabetes, thus targeting her for banishment/execution.After the zombie epidemic spread across the world, Molly and her sister were already living in the district of Crawford in Savannah, Georgia.Due to Crawford Oberson stepping up and taking control of Crawford, she, along with hundreds of other followers, sealed off the district, scrounged weapons, ammo, cars, batteries, and any other supply of vital importance of staying alive in the new world.Not much is known about Molly's life prior to the outbreak, but that she did have a diabetic 14-year-old sister.She reveals she already lived in Crawford with her sister before the outbreak began.

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To retrieve medicine for this disease, Molly made a deal with Crawford's doctor, Walter Ashe, and she committed to having sexual intercourse with him in exchange for medicine.Unfortunately, Oberson began sending an inspector down to take inventory of the medicine, and would've discovered their secret.

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