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That's completely fine — around half the population of US adults are.It's an ongoing project by the Census Bureau that asks roughly 1% of all Americans every year — about 3 million people — several questions about their social, demographic, economic, and housing situations.There's tons of great information in there, but we took only the most relevant tidbits to define eligibility Based on our analysis of the ACS IPUMS data, about 6.7 million Americans satisfied all six of the above criteria, and therefore count as highly eligible by our demanding measures.

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In fact, according to our calculations only about 2.7% of American adults are "worth dating." Before you get up in arms about how it's totally fine that you're still wearing cargo pants in your 30s, or how every man who dates you has to really like all your sorority sisters (because they are your BFFs for life), allow us to explain what makes someone "worth dating." Or as some like to say, "eligible." To assess how many eligible singles live in the country, we turned to the Minnesota Population Center's 2014 American Community Survey IPUMS (ACS).

But you should know it's highly unlikely you're worth dating.

ABC's notorious matchmaking show has been on for 19 (!!! Which means that more than likely, there have have been a ton of Bachelor contestants — just like the ones were about to see again on January 4th — that you forgot about.

After all, how can you keep track of 19 seasons, 13 years, and approximately 475 contestants? (Impressive, but crazy.) While some of the women left lasting impressions, there are many others that have since flown under the radar.

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(My, how things haven't changed.) Andrew Firestone chose Jen as his wife-to-be on Season 3.However, the couple broke up ten months after being engaged, as Us Weekly reports, and Jen was subsequently chosen to be the third ‘Bachelorette.’ In what really was — no, seriously — the most dramatic event in Bachelor history, Jason Mesnick dumped his original pick (Mellisa) and asked his runner up, Molly, if they could rekindle their flame. On Brad Womack's second season, Ashely Spivey was the adorable southern belle that stole the hearts of America.