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For instance i have seen some folks selling a Malaysia made doll as one produced in 1966 when in fact the 1966 only designates the body style was 1st started as an example here is one being sold for just what it is: (copy and paste in Search engine to find the actual listings) Barbie Malaysia + Wedding Dress Teddy Veil & Party Dress on her lower torso she is marked C.

1966 Mattel inc Malaysia; where-as the 1966 designates a body style developed in 66 and not the year the doll was produced Barbie and her friends also had many different Outfits which are sometimes hard to find and just as collectible as the dolls themselves such as: (copy and paste in Search engine to find the actual listings) Friday Night Date #979 Jumper Blouse Pumps Tray Glass Straw and others like: Barbie Cruise Stripes 918 Dress & Belt Plus Ensemble as well as accessories like her Barbie Glasses White With Blue Lenses Vintage 1959 which also came in Black Red and Glitter White Then there were ways to store and transport your Barbie and friends such as Skipper Doll Trunk Carrying Case Barbie's Little Sister 1964 or the Black Barbie Pony Tail Doll Case From 1961 Still NICE! Black/white swimsuit , gold hoop earrings 0, white sun glasses/blue lenses , #1 black open toe heels with holes on bottom to fit on the pedestal , black pedestal stand with prongs ,800, ™ marked box ,400.

Neck rims are not Positive Indicators and any markings on inner side of arms and inner thigh and on the back were strictly used by Mattel's Manufacturer for assmbly thus do thenot date doll. #2 black pedestal ™ stand 0, pearl earrings , black open toe heels , rest same value as the #1 Barbie.

Trademark date is the first date of patent/copyright in the country of issue and again do not pertain to the year the doll was produced. 850 #3 1960 Same as #2 doll, with new blue irises, new softer curve to eyebrows.

(copy and paste in Search engine to find the actual listings) There are Subtle differences in an original Barbie VS something like a 35th Anniversary 1959 Brunette Barbie SE Boxed 1993 in which Mattel included in the design in order to help differentiate between an original and a reproduction. 850 Barbie Ponytail late Same as doll #1 but no holes in feet or cylinders in legs, new disc pedestal stand with black wire that fits under the dolls arms, same black and white stripe swimsuit, sunglasses, black open toe heeled shoes, some came with new pearl earrings, box has new ® in the trademark.

For Example here is an original Ken Doll 750 1961 MCMLX Blonde Flocked Hair Shorts Sandals & Towel (copy and paste in Search engine to find the actual listings) Even HTF Barbies from the 80's can be of value especially if they are in the Box such as these Angel Face Barbie Doll #5640 Superstar Circa 1982 NIB (copy and paste in Search engine to find the actual listings) and Fashion Jeans Barbie #5315 Boxed NRFB 1981 Mattel Ponytail Barbie #1 to #4 all have the same markings with the Barbie ™, you have to identify her by other criteria. Values are approximate and are only meant to be a guide 850 Barbie Ponytail Early Only about 350,000 dolls were produced, she's made of heavy vinyl plastic, partially solid body (now probably quite white), blonde or brunette saran ponytail hair (Blonde's out number Brunettes 3:1), curled bangs, metal cylinders in legs, symmetrical holes in feet bottoms that fit on to a black pedestal stand, right foot marked: JAPAN, white irises, side glancing eyes, pointy ^ ^ eyebrows (lightening bolts) some of the early dolls have hand painted faces, others were stenciled, one piece black/white zebra striped swimsuit, black open toe heeled shoes with holes on the bottom for stand, white sunglasses with blue lenses, gold tone hoop earrings, box has ™ in the marking, and pink booklet with only Barbie on cover.

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Barbie Had family and many friends even in the early days such as Francie Allan Skooter Twiggy PJ Stacey Jamie and even Christie and Brad whom were the 1st of the Black friends starting in 19 In this Review i would like to discuss several ways in which you too can begin to understand the differences between a vintage Barbie and one which was made in a later period. Came in blue eyeliner only, rest same as #3 doll including she wore a black and white swimsuit.

In 1959 and the early years Barbie and Friends were made in Japan and marks can be found on right side of their buttock.

#1 Barbie feet with hollow tubes, right foot marked: JAPAN Mark: Barbie ™ Pats.

This doll has also been reproduced by Mattel and the neck rim should have a marking. NRFB Blonde or Brunette 5, MC 5, nude doll only 5, black ® pedestal stand 0, rest same as prior dolls. NRFB Titian hair color: 0, MC 5, nude doll 0.

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She’s great at everything, while remaining humble and kind, and is always there to cheer on her friends no matter the challenges.

True Collectors Know just how to quickly identify the Age and date in which a Barbie Ken Skipper or perhaps even a Midge doll was Produced or Manufactured. 850 #4 1960 New type of plastic retains flesh color. NOTE: This is the last early Barbie with the Barbie ™ in the marking. 850 #5 Ponytail 1960-62 New hard hollow torso, new hair color of titian (auburn), plus blonde & brunette, a little firmer texture to the hair, some have the old soft hair, and some have a combination, the #5 doll face may have the greasy, shiny face syndrome, some do not, came wearing a black and white striped swimsuit, (the #6 has a chubbier face and came in the new red jersey swimsuit), new black all wire stand, pink booklet with Barbie & Ken on cover, rest same as #4 - see new marking.