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The store was destroyed in "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II" after Daniel Shaw set explosive charges to lure Chuck into a final confrontation and Morgan inadvertently triggered the detonator.

By the end of the episode, Jeff and Lester are wanted for questioning in connection to the blast.

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Neighboring "big box" stores in the shopping center are Large Mart Sarah Walker maintains a cover as an employee of the Wienerlicious and, subsequently, the Orange Orange.The Orange Orange – like the Buy More – is a façade for, and secret entrance to, the underground Castle base.Buy More is a fictional big-box electronics retail chain in NBC's action-comedy series Chuck.The Buy More is a parody of similar chains, particularly Best Buy.

"Chuck Versus the Nemesis" reveals that a total evacuation of the store can be triggered by the safe word "Pineapple".

Although the store's employees make light of the code word, it is twice used to safely remove the staff and patrons who would otherwise be endangered by the espionage activities going on around them.

She is survived by her daughters, Sandra Yzaguirre and Christy Fontenot, both of Oklahoma City; brothers, Jesse Carpitcher, of Oklahoma City and Danny Carpitcher, of Seattle, Wash.; and sisters, Francis Glenn, Erma Harjo, and Carol Carpitcher, all of Oklahoma City Preceding her in death are her parents and son, Manuel Yzaguirre.… continue reading »

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The real benefit of “employee awareness raising” is that bullied workers are validated.… continue reading »

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During the Cold War, an organization called "Patriot" created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics.… continue reading »

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