Who is candis cayne dating

23-Jun-2015 14:43

I was always so solely focused on my career, and being part of a show where we are touching the lives of countless people and shedding a light on fantastic organizations has fulfilled me in a way that I didn't think was possible.There is a great deal of criticsm from people regarding the trans community, mostly because i feel it's something people don't undestand completely just yet. I know my life, I know my truth and nobody can tear me down for that.Since you've been living your life this way for so long, is there ever a time you still may question your path? I know Cait has received criticism though, but she just started her transition.

Candis, as a fellow East Coaster, I cannot tell you how proud we all are to see that the young girl we used to see tearing up the stages at the Barracuda and the Palladium has gone on to such huge success! It does seem like it's a hundred years ago, but it does feel like it was yesterday too.It really is what kind of created who I am as a person.