Who is chris perez dating now

25-May-2015 09:34

Nevertheless, and in spite of a more pop-leaning follow-up in 2001 (), he was never able to maintain the momentum of his Grammy-winning night and spent most of his time playing on albums for others.

“At that time, I don’t think I was ready to be leading anything,” he said.

Why don’t you take a break and play with me on the road for a while? I miss you.’” It was the beginning of a road to recovery that led to him finally tackling the Selena issue head-on with 2012’s .

He managed to get healthy and remarried in 2001, but the union didn’t last: the couple divorced in 2008.

“Divorce is a pain in the ass,” he said, “especially when people try to start drama with you. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother, was the ear he needed.

“The politics [of the music industry] and all that, I wasn’t mentally prepared.

It took him many years to gradually open up, and he finally did, with a vengeance, with his critically acclaimed book , the name of his band), recorded a full-length album produced by Emilio Estefan Jr. Instead, he decided to fulfill his dream of recording a rock en español album.

and is prepared perform Sunday at the second day of the Festival People en Español at the Alamodome. won and the rock en español establishment (yours truly included) went “WTF? Little did we know that Pérez himself was the first to be surprised. “When they announced,‘‘And the winner is...’ and they started saying ‘Re...,’’ in my head I said,‘‘OK, [Café Tacuba’s] Revés/Yosoy won.’ And [my band] told me, ‘Dude, we won!

But fortunately there’s peace now.” Even through the marriage, life was confusing and he couldn’t get his solo career going. “We were in the studio working on [Kumbia Kings’] and I had a heart-to-heart talk with him,” he said.

“He told me, ‘Yeah, [a music career] can be overwhelming at times.

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He’s living the best time of a solo career that was marked by controversy from the very start. ’ I’m glad I won, but I couldn’t believe it.” Not that is a bad album, but Pérez was and still is considered an outsider in a genre that regards pop artists crossing over to rock with suspicion.“When [Selena] passed, I thought, ‘What am I going to go back to? However Pérez was a rocker first, and his success with Los Dinos (Selena’s backing band) had been something that fell in his lap.

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