Who is cole sprouse dating 2016

14-May-2015 09:59

As a result of the series` success, they have become "heartthrobs" and "overwhelming draws" among preteen and teen audiences.

The Sprouses were born in Arezzo, Italy to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright who at the time were teaching at an English language school in Italy.

Dylan, named after poet Dylan Thomas, is 14 minutes and 30 seconds older than Cole, who is named for jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole.

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The Sprouses have noted that after Big Daddy`s release, the two entered into a slow period in their careers and were not cast in any major roles for a time.During the early 2000s, the twins appeared in episodes of the The Nightmare Room and That `70s Show, as well as in MADtv: Season Four (1998-1999) (episode #425) and the feature films The Master of Disguise and a voice-over role in Adam Sandler`s Eight Crazy Nights.Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse (born August 4, 1992) are American identical twin brother actors.They are sometimes collectively referred to as Cole & Dylan, the Sprouse Bros., or the Sprouse Twins, and are known for for portraying the title characters on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

They grew up in their parents` native Long Beach, California.

Their parents divorced in 1997 After a suggestion by their grandmother, Jonine Booth Wright, who was a drama teacher and actress, the Sprouses began acting at the age of six months, started with the twosome appearing in a commercial for toilet paper switching on-screen time every few seconds.

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