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The 20-year-old actress/singer tweeted with the photo, “We’re gettin old guys.. In the movie, school paper editor Lauren (Parrish) is doing an expose on each of the school cliques for her senior year project and her next assignment is to follow Olivia (Shanley Caswell) and her church youth group known as “The Chosen”.One night after interviewing them, Lauren stumbles onto The Chosen performing an exorcism on a girl led by Reverend Young.Lauren is horrified but intrigued so she begins to investigate and it seems to have really helped the girl.

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In Jennifer's starring role, she plays a teen striving to be the official blogger for her class. "Every time I go to an event or I have something coming out, you always have stuff on blog sites.

She's so talented.' And then there were the ones saying, 'She's fat. She says the two will hug it out on their last day of filming Wizard's third season, and could there be a joint Selena/Jennifer fashion line coming out? But for now, Jen -- who considers her own style to be a mix of "1940s lady-like mixed with punk rock" -- has seen a preview of Selena's clothing line. "They're all eco-friendly and they're very much her." In 'Harriet,' this 17-year-old uncovers all the scoop, so we got her spilling the love deets about her real-life friends' relationships. "They make a good pair whether they're just friends or something more." In fact, the "mildly addicted to Twitter" actress thinks dating your BFF is a good idea for any teen.