Who is keith lemon dating

30-Sep-2015 09:42

He's a seriously obnoxious cunt on CNN, who has misguided and moronic opinions in place of facts.Of the Anderson Cooper mold in that he wants to be famous more than he wants to be a newsman. I bet Don has and would date a black man, but other black gay guys (r38, ahem) have put him in a box and would never approach him. It's the same reason black athletes usually date white women, black women are to busy turning up their faces because they assume these guys are only dating white.

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Thankfully, hoards of white men approach him all day everyday.[quote] There are no celebrity gay black men who date other black men as far as I can tell.As far as out gay black celebs, You're talking about a very short list of people.[quote]Or do you prefer to hear the same kind of defensive crap from Rev Al and Jesse over and over again?