Who is nick roux dating

26-Apr-2015 08:00

Wow Jane has a very dramatic love life that I sort of envy but am happy to not have.

I think I’d go with Billy because they have such good chemistry and you can tell that at one point or another one of them has had feelings for the other.

Erica tells Hollywood that Jane and Eli “do finally go on a date,” but of course, it’s not without its complications. He cares very much about the craft and working in the fashion world, and he senses that’s also a passion of Jane’s.” So what else can fans expect from Jane’s love life as the season continues? What’s been really fun for me this season has been watching the other characters become more three-dimensional. It was so cool to watch her work, because she was nervous, but she really embraced it. I think there were some people who were disappointed that that wasn’t true. If Gray was Jane’s mom, wouldn’t that make Eli her cousin? How will we see Jane’s relationship with her mom develop over the next few episodes?

By the way, guys, it’s Matthew Atkinson’s birthday!Send him a tweet wishing him a wonderful birthday :) There is a JBD fan project going around somewhere on Tumblr about giving Matt a birthday gift, so go find it and check it out! Got serious with guitar and focused more on it for Lemonade Mouth.I just like to entertain people, and playing guitar lets me do that, so that’s what I love best about it.

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Hmmm well I used to think both guys were perfect for Jane until Eli slept with India and Billy chickened out multiple times when he had the chance to tell her his feelings, dated her arch nemesis, and then slept with the jealous bitch Zoe IN JANE’S OWN HOUSE HOW RUDE.Factoring in how it might be dating in the work place with Eli and also possibly ruining the Jilly best-friend-ship I would think Nick would’ve been a better choice than the others, but he cheated on Jane and hurt her….

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