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selfie, Lockie said: "I wish I was there," before adding, "No, truthfully it has just taken selfies to a whole new level."We certainly agree with you there!

But this BBC Three show went a step further into odd-dom by dressing up the contestants in prosthetics and costumes so that they were completely unrecognisable.

The whole premise leads to frankly bizarre episode descriptions like "Jade the cat is wooed by Mike the vampire, Chris the pig and John the alien" - let's be honest, who wouldn't want to tune in to that?

With celebs like Dean Cain, Rob Kardashian, Carmen Electra and probably had admirable intentions when it was launched in 2003 - the show's premise was that a bachelorette had to choose between 20 suitors whose faces were covered by masks for the entire time, so that she wouldn't pick them on looks.

The weirdest thing about this show, though, was that it was hosted by none other than Monica Lewinsky. Actually, that's not the weirdest thing - that would be that the bachelorette was allowed to enter a pitch black room with the suitors, who could then take off their masks so that she could feel their faces. SEXY BEASTSin that it's all about going to the heart of the potential dates instead of judging them on how shaggable they look.

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If they liked what they heard and wanted to spin round to meet their potential new romance they - seriously - "pulled their love handle". Hosted by Cat Deeley, who presumably spent the whole time pondering how much better than this show she was, the series saw four celebs sitting in those famous spinning chairs and listening to hopeful dates talk about how wonderful they are.

Neither Rousey nor Browne have spoken about a relationship between the two of them publicly to date, so we really only have circumstantial evidence along with Browne's wife's word on it.… continue reading »

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My wife always get those bad news letter from EI about overpayment and so on. My questions are: What is the best way to find out or to confirm those overpayment are legit and not error from EI?… continue reading »

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To make matters worse, western Poland belonged to Prussia during the 19th century.… continue reading »

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