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On February first of this year, unsettled by those I spoke to who felt they did not like Hillary enough to vote for her, I decided on "poetry" as my "response communication," which I also placed on my website ( However, the following is, in part, what I sent to those I knew who do not like Hillary, as well as those committed to her who had friends and acquaintances with the same reserve: The election coverage is filled with old news and new news of sexual misconduct. It begs the question, did country star Tammy Wynette have the right idea when she sang 'Stand by Your Man'? Women are being grabbed by their pussies and you've chosen to stay quiet and sit by the side. Womankind is being attacked; the very women you taught us to become through your TV show, through your choice of what we should read, and by your soulful messages on OWN.

Despite the fact that the number of women-owned businesses is on the rise, we still face an uphill battle. S., gender-based challenges - including stereotypes and access to finance - present significant obstacles to women who want to launch and run businesses.

It isn't easy to loosen the grip on the controls of life.

Couple that, with having a real honest look at yourself, and life can very quickly become unsettled.

Who Oprah Winfrey dated; list of Oprah Winfrey loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.

The loves and relationships of Oprah Winfrey, listed by most recent.

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In 2016, a vote for the Libertarian or Green presidential ticket is a vote for Trump.It is existentially essential to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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