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10-Mar-2015 21:39

In 2006, a British publication reported that Simon was seeing model and sociality Jasmine Lennard.Then last summer, The Enquirer revealed Teri was rattled by rumors that Simon was fooling around with a woman associated with “American Idol.” Simon wants Terri back, and some insiders say he may be able to talk his way out of trouble again.

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But the friend added he’s going to have a tough time because “Terri felt that if Simon wasn’t going to settle down by now, it was never going to happen.”, print edition, April 28, 2008] You can tell that Simon is a big flirt, and although the British press is notorious for making up stories he definitely could have cheated.The woman he was said to have cheated with in the summer of 2006 was photographed leaving his home in the morning at a time when Terri was away.It’s not like she was going to get anywhere by hanging around waiting.If she has her own house now they probably have broken up, but we’ll have to see if they make any appearances together or any kind of statement about it.

Simon has been very outspoken about not wanting a family, and Terri told Magazine last year that she rarely talks to him about children and when she did bring it up he told her to buy a turtle.She said it didn’t bother her at the time, but that she did want children eventually.