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You can fall in love with anyone with whom you think you can spend rest of your life."I think it's stupid [for gay performers to be closeted].If you're thinking, ' I'll get more jobs if people think I'm straight,' really?Well, there are tons of straight actors who are unemployed.Don’t you think that’s might be the reason behind getting married?Well, it’s not necessary to get hitched to opposite sex just to share your bad times.RELATED: Read More Best Lines on TV RELATED Here's What You Can Expect From The Updated Powerpuff Girls "I have assembled the most evil of pizza toppings.Getting work in this business is tough, period, gay or straight."- Eric Millegan Charles Michel is a writer and voice actor who shares the stories of his life and other people. ”-Charles Michel Forty-one-year-old Eric makes a net worth of 0 thousand dollars. As they have been living together, we can say that they are sharing their fortune with each other.

Amidst the demise of long-term series regulars, were the debuts of some long-awaited, fan favorites—as well as some surprise guest stars.

With the events of this past TV week still fresh in our minds, here's our weekly round-up of best quips, quotes and quick bits of dialogue from the latest episodes.

He also has trained hundreds of voice-over performers. In his senior year, he was student body Vice President.

From the University of Michigan, he studied musical theatre and earned a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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Not all of us are tough enough to face every ups and down alone.

We need a companion to share both our happiness and sorrow.