Who kenya moore dating

06-Aug-2016 15:02

She’s the newest addition to Bravo’s RHOA, I guess producers of the show know Kenya is a professional whore.She’s been gold digging since her days in Detroit as a high school student at Cass Tech High.Perhaps this new bit of honesty stems from the fact that Apollo himself has predicted the demise of his marriage because Phaedra was a no-show at his sentencing.He doesn’t think that he can stomach much more of her, so therefore there’s no reason to continue covering his ass, right?That will just be an act though because if you’ve watched the scenes with these two together it’s obvious that Kenya was angling for a little something. Is he just doing it to hurt Phaedra or do you think he actually is capable of feeling guilty? “Kenya Moore is very brave to appear on a popular reality show.

Kenya used to date a drug dealer, his name is Mike Evans.

By 16-years-old, she was a seasoned vet – I heard she learned that from her grandmother, who raised her.