Whos dating whom

03-Mar-2015 10:06

Johnson, 38, and Herjavec, 51, were cozy at the show's premiere party Monday night at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails.They were first introduced three weeks ago, and we're told they hit it off right away.And seem to be "really happy together." This is especially happy news, given that Herjavec also just admitted that he was suicidal after his marriage to Diane Plese, his wife of 24 years."It's been a terribly difficult year," the tech mogul told , adding, "I was hollow and broken." The exes have three high school and college aged kids.Each dot represents a person — with an inner-circle colour identifying gender and an outer-circle colour identifying sexual orientation.Who’s dating whom in Toronto, and how often visualizes the 735 Torontonians who fully completed the survey.

The resulting visualization shows how frequently Torontonians date according to age, gender and sexual orientation.

A matrix was used to organize survey respondents by age (see the columns) and frequency of dates (see the rows).