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10 fatal online dating errors

She usually has the attention of most of the guys, but if there’s one focusing on one of her friends, she makes it a point to hook that guy too. These are the women who will break things in your house because they are having a temper tantrum. You can find his work at Single Black Male, Necole Bitchie's Bitchie Life.com, Buppiethe Blog.com, The Book of Jackson, This Is The Dream.These are the women who say things like, “And I will tell him to do it, and he will do that ish.” These are the women who end up at the Chesapeake Rest Area because their man didn’t make it out of Maryland before he put her out the Range. He has also published several guest posts at blog all around the blogosphere. Excessively Drunk Women – When I was a boy I thought a group of drunk women was the move. All the way turned up – Why I can hear you in a club on any night is a problem.When I go to the club now and see a chick throwing up in the bathroom, I get repulsed. It’s loud, there’s loud music, and still I can hear your voice shrieking over the speakers. They are the type to tell you to let them know when you have arrived at the restaurant so they can leave their house.Or what about those women who can’t control their volume when their drunk and try and talk in your ear but they’re screaming? Negative Women – These women think everything is wack. ” “This is wack, why these girls think it’s ok to be wearing their open toes?! They have cavities on each side of their mouth from sucking their teeth so much. Teen Spirit Women: Waiting to be entertained – These are the ones who are rimming the club waiting for the party to jump off. Random hair cuts or attempts to go natural – Have you ever seen that look a man has when he’s been caught cheating?They bring nothing to the party, but will call it wack because it didn’t turn into a bashment. It is NOTHING compared to meeting up with his boo and she decided to cut all her hair off. And often times it’s about something she doesn’t have to lie about. Know It All – I don’t even have words to describe this one because she probably wants to describe it herself.

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threatening and intimidating behavior

And you witness her blacking on some dude; “My shoes cost more than your whole outfit, negro! ” Seriously, this woman can’t take a piece of advice or fact that she didn’t come up with to save her life. Attention Hordes – These women are always showing out looking for a reaction in the building. ” Meanwhile, dude ain’t got a six-pack, he got a loaf of bread and he’s drinking a 40. Women who think they can do WHATEVER they want – These are the women screaming at the promoter outside the club.Her mother is a former singer (she was signed to Motown as a teenager and opened for Stevie Wonder and Al Green) Simpson had taken up a succession of musical instruments throughout her schooling in Denver, but her interest in the guitar while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, led to a personal revelation about songwriting and performing.She was born in Denver, Colorado, the daughter of Joyce and Ralph Simpson.Her musical skills were encouraged by both parents in her younger years.

He can't spell really good, and grammar isn't his strong suit, but he really appreciates you reading his posts for content, and content only.

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To be sure, many people remain puzzled that someone would want to find a romantic partner online – 23% of Americans agree with the statement that “people who use online dating sites are desperate” – but in general it is much more culturally acceptable than it was a decade ago.… continue reading »

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Technology has improved our lives generation after generation and in a global modern world where work and responsibilities often take up the vast majority of our time, online dating is playing a very important role in making sure the people of Tokyo find love.… continue reading »

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