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19-Nov-2014 17:10

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So, the song is appearing on my computer in i Tunes. I've tried un-syncing and re-syncying my songs which worked at first, but, then, when I tried adding a new song to a playlist after that, it didn't work again and was doing the same thing! I am not sure how to fix your problem at all, but I am having a similar problem and hope someone has the knowledge to tell me also how to fix it.In other words, i Tunes is showing it like it IS, in fact, on my device, but, when I go to my physical device and check the playlist on it, song "X" doesn't appear! I've tried other things, too, but it's too hard to explain here. I am not a very skilled technical person, but please try to guide me in laymen's terms step-by-step as to how to fix this! Since the latest upgrade of IOS and especially ITunes, I have noticed that although all 32 of my albums show up on my IPhone 5 in the music part, when I try to play any on ITunes, with my phone plugged into my computer, only 16 of the albums show up.OK, here's the deal: With the latest update to both i OS on my i Phone and to i Tunes, I can no longer sync new songs I add to my playlists to my i Phone.My old songs are still there, but, when I try to add a new song to a playlist, it doesn't appear on my device.

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Strangely they are the 16 albums I have bought through ITunes.

I have looked in the ITunes library, and all my albums are there, they just wont show up in ITunes when my phone is plugged in.