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16-Sep-2015 16:07

You love her, but you won’t ever be able to have her.

She promises she’s going to leave, but she’s not taking any action.

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This is a sad scenario that I hear about on a regular basis from lesbians about their experience with a married woman.So far each lesbian has said she’s had to walk away from this one. Yes, it happens and more often than most people would think. Married women can be lonely, sad and feel stuck in a marriage that isn’t working, and when a woman shows up and pays attention to her, BAM — you’re suddenly in love with each other and that married woman is discovering she’s more lesbian than straight. He says he’ll take the kids, the house, the money and anything else he can think of. You’ll have to resort to sneaking around, and eventually that won’t work either.I receive many emails every month from women telling me they are dating a married woman and life has become a real mess. As always, the first few weeks or months of this affair are amazing. Maybe she decides she can tell her husband and that she He gives both of you space to figure out what is going to happen. He threatens you with bodily harm, outing you, throwing you out of the house or whatever other thing he can think of so he can feel dominant in the situation. The husband will become super vigilant about her every move, and pretty soon you’ll be the one left out. She’s terrified that anyone in the family will find out she’s lesbian.

She’s got excuses galore, and you keep believing her until you just can’t stand it anymore. Finally there’s the scenario where the woman is crazy about you but decides she just isn’t going to leave her husband, kids, house, neighborhood or whatever it is for you. Affairs of the heart happen, but being in love with someone isn’t a guarantee that things will work out. Dating a married woman is a promise for lots of lonely nights and broken promises, but sometimes it can work out in your favor.You have a big fight, she promises to tell him but still doesn’t and the cycle continues over and over. You’re addicted to her, to the chase and to the fighting. In my world, I recommend staying away from married lesbians and finding someone who’s truly free and available.

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