Women decide dating

02-Aug-2015 23:35

But after one month I understood that I had made a mistake, and I returned to my ex. Two weeks after that I broke up with her again because I started having an affair with the girl from work.

We started dating again for a month, and then she went to study abroad.

I used to judge this kind of person, but now I have become one.

ADVICE: It is very gratifying to be so wanted by two lovely women, but of course there is potential here for three people to suffer.

When we are in love, we can become our best selves – generous, kind and open – which makes us very attractive.

But I didn’t want to hurt anybody again and I don’t want to start any relationship before I know what I want.

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Three years is a long time to be with your first girlfriend – usually enough time to know if the relationship is sustainable in the long term.Was something happening that allowed you to fall in love with someone else?