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01-Jun-2015 13:26

[+3,363, -57] Hopefully they influence each other in positive ways! [+2,820, -157] Congratulations, they match well as a labelmate couple♥6.

Yeeun would record the demo version of the songs she composed with Jeong Jinwoon playing guitar.

Wonder Girls' Yenny also spoke up following the confirmation of her relationship with her former labelmate in JYP.

In an exclusive interview with Ilgan Sports on September 22, the singer-composer carefully opened up about her relationship.

On September 23, the youngest member of 2AM posted on his personal Instagram a photo of one of his guitars.

The caption of the photo reads, "I will always repay you with beautiful and pretty music. " Fans of the idol left comments such as "You are my bias, and I am not jealous of you dating a woman.

It has been confirmed that 2AM's Jinwoon and Wonder Girls' Yenny are dating and fans expressed their joy upon learning about the dating confirmation.

Jinwoon then expressed his gratitude to the fans through an Instagram post, allkpop reported.

[+4,547, -121] You match well, have a happy relationship!!!!!!!!!!! [+465, -7] Quite the unexpected combination though8. I’m sure she’s seen him since he was a high schooler and he seems like a good person as well.10.

[+491, -22] They’re both such nice people with nothing to criticize, I wish them a happy relationship7. [+375, -15] Yeeun seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.