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30-Nov-2014 13:48

”Instead of responding to this query with eye rolls, long sighs, or outlandish statements, like, “The guy I loved was hit by a comet,” we should start to do something else entirely.We should start telling the I’ve realized there’s nothing wrong with the truth.My city is swimming with singles because they’re just too damn overwhelmed by all the greatness walking amongst them.Every corner brings a hotter, smarter person than the last, and you almost can’t help but empathize with those noncommittal men who are too paralyzed to make a decision.It makes perfect sense: We don’t have romantic arguments or disappointments that are affecting our performance or focus on the job.And, we can throw ourselves into our work without feeling guilty about how we’re spending our time.In my opinion, it’s because there are a ton of amazing women kicking ass at their careers and hobbies who may be dating, but may also be leaning in to the freedoms of hookup culture.

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Not only is it true for me, but it’s also pretty valid.

ays homage to all of my fellow fabulous, single people. According to new data collected by the US Census Bureau, there were 109 million Americans over age 18 who were single or unmarried in 2015 (that’s 45 percent of the adult population, people! Plus, the majority of adult women in America (53 percent) are SINGLE AF, and 63 percent have never been married.

Riding solo seems to be the latest trend to follow.

Hell, you might even empathize with the men who won’t commit to one-on-one relationship time after a long day at work. But when you don’t have an SO, your schedule gets a little roomier — allowing you to do whatever you want when you aren’t bound by the opinions, desires, or schedule of someone else.

The truth sounds just fine to me, and it should to whoever’s asking the question, too.

So, in honor of celebrating, not lamenting, your solo status this week, here are eight honest and positive responses to give to that nosy family member or newly engaged friend who keeps asking you why you’re still single: Did you know that single people, especially, excel in their careers because they have the free time and energy they otherwise would be investing in a partner?