Www datingwithdan com

20-Mar-2015 23:47

Dan Howell is a London-based, 21-year-old You Tube vlogger.

But I have to say technically 'Innuendo Bingo' was the most fun to "make" and 'Sexy Internet Dating' because I was crying laughing for about two hours while filming it. It's really nice bumping into people though, as it gives me a little positivity boost and puts a face to the You Tube comments.'What not to do at the Cinema' is what I always say is an example of perfectly executing an idea I had though! Then they go home and upload the photos they took, where I'm usually doing something weird with my face...I felt like I wanted to do something creative and join in this community! Which of your videos did you most enjoy creating and why?All my collaborative videos were great fun to film! When I lived in Manchester it happened a lot because so many people hang out in the town centre, but it has happened in the strangest situations like airports in India, walking a friend's dog and even at crazy golf in Florida.

Would you / have you ever gone on a date with one of your fans? I have not yet and generally speaking probably wouldn't.

I mean on one hand, who's to say I won't bump into a girl in Starbucks who watches my videos that ends up being my wife - but the idea of 'dating a fan' sounds like a creepy 50 year old rock star stroking his groupies, which I'm not really into.