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This will generate both "mystery" and a sense of decency of your persona matched with beautiful confidence and conciseness. - Don't ever try too hard, she'll lose interest fast. Make sure she sees you laughing with your guy friends occasionally. There will be a point when you need to discuss your interests and preferred activities. Do not ask for their approval, but keep the dialogue about your respective self short and never incriminating nor negative. You are doing this so you can figure out which you like the most and which works best for your chemistry. Using natural extract oils, such as lavender, vanilla, and the like will give you a unique smell (most natural foods stores will have these items) at a lower cost. Girls can tell if you are distracted or if you don't really care about the subject. They know these things, regardless if you think they can't tell. What are you thinking, blah blah" or make statements such as "I'm sorry" for no apparent reason repetitively. Ako neko nesto ima - neka okaci ovdje, pa nek je sve na jednom mjestu. The last thing you need is a girl who's not interested in the real you. If you have a great story, tell it, then shut up and listen. "You have two ears, and only one mouth" it's good advice. - Don't look/speak about other girls when you're with her. To dolazi poslije skretanja paznje na sebe (u pozitivnom smislu naravno).

Znam da je bilo pitanja tipa; kako da joj pridjem, sta da joj kazem, sta kad ona meni kaze, koliko dugo da je gledam u oci, da li smijem da trepcem i sve ostalo, pa sam slucajno naletila na ova dva linka pa rekoh da ostavim ovdje, mozda neko nadje nesto korisno na njima.

Izvinjavam se sto su tekstovi na engleskom, ali nisam nasla nista slicno na nasem. Izvor (i ostatak) = ~ ~ ~ A na ovom linku imate tekst "How to get a girl to like you" pa ko zeli moze da procita.

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