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Simply clear your mind when you kiss and feel the sensation. In a kissing moment you must alter the pace of your kisses and the pressure. Don't be hesitant to venture other part of her body especially the neck.Be creative, and surely she very well like that and silently craving for more. It normally starts at a slow pace while gently increase its speed and intensity. Just like dancing, kissing must be done with nice beat and rhythm.Putting pause in between for taking breath and glance each other's eyes will give more desire. Also give time to warm up, then cool down and gently reconnect with each other's emotion in unpredictable manner.She will feel easily if there's tension and it will drag down the level of intensity.Just be relaxed while blowing kiss gently and go with the flow.It is said that the best kiss seems to go for infinity.You have to clear your mind and forget about anything what's happening around your surrounding except for your girl's breath, emotion, responses, and her body's temperature.A simple kiss will be fine to a girl you simply like and attracted to.

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To render an awesome kiss you must do it with emotional connection.Once you mix the physical and emotional pleasure of kiss during intimate time, that's when the real magic of kiss occurs.