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21-Nov-2015 02:31

Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically.You can join for FREE and unlike most sites, there is some genuine free messaging (send AND receive) as a FREE member!

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This website or service is provided as is and may contain links or information to or from other members or third parties.Any use of this website or service is at your own risk and constitutes acceptance of our .A grey leaf indicates no eco clues have been found in their profile.If you have any suggestions for fine tuning our eco analysis system - please do let us know.

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Members of Ecologist Dating are joining an existing database of many 10,000s of people from a network of other high quality sites.'Eco Search' is a key way of finding other eco minded people as the computer will search out people whose profiles, jobs and interests flag them up as likely to be eco friendly. These get assigned according to how eco friendly the computer analyses each profile to be.