Xampp webalizer not updating

29-Apr-2016 21:27

For those of you with already existing Apache/my SQL/php installations it installs everything into /opt so it doesn't conflict with any other installation, and it is completely setup and ready to run.

Install XAMPP Two easy steps: Download the most recent version of XAMPP: (at time of writing 1.5.3a)

So if I navigate to I get a listing of all the files/folders in that directory. My SQL and Apache running under the same user (nobody).

WARNING This guide is aimed at a development environment only and should not be used as a public webserver.

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What if you just want a quick web server for development? The XAMPP project bundles Apache, PHP4 & 5, Perl, my SQL, and a bunch of other utilities/applications into an simple package for Mac OSX, Windows, Solaris, and Linux.

Obviously this HOWTO only deals with the linux version.