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(Girls (and Boys) on Film) They interact a couple of times during Closer.(Feud) They are dancing partners during Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.(Swan Song) Kitty along with Tina tells Ryder and Jake that they have to let Artie know about his costume for the WMHS Calendar.Kitty pushes Artie's chair during This Is The New Year.The Artie-Kitty Relationship, more commonly known as Kartie or Wildebrams, is the former romantic and now friendly relationship between Artie Abrams and Kitty Wilde.They started dating in Love, Love, Love, the first episode of Season Five and broke up prior to Tested, the sixteenth episode of the same season.

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Artie is clearly amused by Kitty's participation in the performance of Wannabe.At first, it seems like he has a crush, but he quickly changes the topic and tells Kitty that he had never seen her so happy to be part of the team before.(Naked) They are seen together enjoying Blaine's performance of Don't Stop Me Now.(Diva) In the beginning of the episode Kitty coments on Sam's Nicolas Cage impression.

Artie then says "Do you even know who Nicolas Cage is?" Kitty dances behind Artie during their dance solo in Footloose.