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There are different classes available to read and write XML document in . They are: Xml Reader class offers a pull-style API over an XML document that is unique to the . Pull style means you can skip unwanted nodes while reading.

It provides fast, forward-only, read-only access to XML document.

Xml Reader is an actually an abstract class that other classes derive from to provide specific concrete instances like Xml Text Reader and Xml Node Reader.

XML gives developers the power to deliver structured data from a wide variety of applications to the desktop for local computation and presentation. Net Framework 1.1, the Xml Document was one of the most common ways to manipulate XML.

It is similar to using a static ADO recordset because it parses and loads the entire Xml Document into memory.

The Xml Reader class supports reading XML data from a stream or file.

It defines methods and properties that allow you to move through the data and read the contents of a node.

The XPath Document is read-only and optimized for XPath queries.

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It is preferred class to use for XSLT transformations. Xml namespace provide a comprehensive and integrated set of classes, allowing you to work with XML documents and data.

It is maintained that you should use the XPath Document instead of Xml Document except in situations where you must maintain compatibility with previous . The XML classes support parsing and writing XML, editing XML data in memory, data validation, and XSLT transformation.

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