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Load(@"C:\book.xsd"); //In the futute, str Arquivo Inteiro will be fullfill by xsd comming from database as nvarchar(max) and I will not be allowed to save as a file locally string str Arquivo Inteiro = xml Doc. Also, you need to make sure that you dispose of readers and streams properly. Validation Event Handler += Validation Event Handler; while ((Validating Reader. Close(); } catch (Exception ex) { Validating Reader. Close(); } } Here is the biggest diference from the method Xsd_after_saved: I manipulate the XSD as string because it will come from database and //it will not allowed to be saved locally Xml Document xml Doc = new Xml Document(); xml Doc. Get Bytes(str Arquivo Inteiro); Memory Stream stream XSD = new Memory Stream(byte Array); //public Stream Generate Stream From String(string s) { Memory Stream stream = new Memory Stream(); Stream Writer writer = new Stream Writer(stream); writer. Otherwise, when you validate, the validation will start where the save left off - at the end of your data. The new releases of Visual Basic and C++ will be familiar to anyone who has used earlier versions, although there are numerous changes to accommodate the . C# is new language that is similar to Java in many respects, although there are significant differences between the two. It is believed that the XML support is fairly stable, but it is possible that there will be some changes before the final product is released (which may happen by the time you read this).Some observers consider C# to be a Java replacement made necessary because legal problems have forced Microsoft to stop supporting Java (or Visual J++, as Microsoft's version of Java was called). NET was designed to support XML from the ground up. Read(SR, Validation Event Handler); Xml Validating Reader Validating Reader = new Xml Validating Reader(Reader); Validating Reader.

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Because the Web capabilities were not built into the development tools from the beginning, however, there were inevitable problems with deployment, maintenance, and efficiency. The Framework can be used by any of Microsoft's three programming languages: Visual Basic, C++, and C# (pronounced "C sharp"). Position = 0; return stream; } When you have saved your XML into memory, you need to seek to the start of the stream.