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Louder Than War: How did Fuzzbox come along and what’s it like working with Vi X and Mags?Megan: I knew of Fuzzbox when I was 14 – that was when I first met Vix.You can really go for it and get into the performance and the die hard Fuzzbox fans absolutely love them! When we’re together, we’re always in fits of giggles both during and inbetween songs. He wants my guitar playing on it and he wants to capture some live, raw energy. Before Fuzzbox you were with Rose Redd – do you keep in touch? Its such a haunting track, I would like to feel what it’s like to perform it. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Dresden Dolls, Radiohead, Coheed and Cambria, Fair To Midland, IAMX and Sneaker Pimps. There is an awesome local scene in The Black Country. I went to see them when I was 16 and I’ve been a fan ever since.I was just starting to find myself musically so I was listening to a lot of different bands – if Vix had of told me what they were like I would jumped on the bandwagon as quick as a flash!Yes exactly, I wasn’t born until 1996, but my Mom and a lot of my friends parents remember them.

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When I speak to people of that generation, it’s quite rare that they haven’t heard of Fuzzbox, Pink Sunshine or International Rescue. I have a huge soft spot for the early, Punk-ier tracks XX Sex, Rules and Regulations and What’s The Point? There’s a lot of great ideas floating about but nothing set in stone yet. Fuzzbox have previously done covers of Pop Musik and Walking On Thin Ice, are there any songs you’d like to cover and why? Are there any groups that excite you at the moment? My next question was going to be about music in the Midlands, so both!are definitely my current favourites to perform live! It’s odd, I’m the youngest of the band and there’s some big age gaps between the members compared to other bands I know, but we’re like a big family. I recently went to London to work with producer Andy Richards, he wanted to gauge my style and see what I could bring to the potential new material. I speak to the keyboardist Laura and her drummer boyfriend Dave occasionally and they’re lovely, and I’m still in contact with our old drummer Steve – he’s the best! Lullaby by The Cure was the first thing the came to my head. I’ve been listening to a fair bit of already established music to be honest – nothing new at the moment, just my favourites that inspire me.The UK’s most successful all-girl band, alternative pop punk rockers Fuzzbox, are back with live dates and the promise of new material.Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates had an exclusive chat with new band guitarist Megan Burke.

She hosted an afterschool club at my old Secondary School where she mentored us in music, so she got me my first couple of gigs when I was just starting out!

Sadly the club got cancelled so I didn’t speak with Vix for years, then I saw on Facebook that she was looking for a guitarist to join Fuzzbox. I went to the audition, already feeling positive and excited, and got selected by the band a few days after! From the audition I could already see their bubbly enthusiasm, wicked sense of humour and musical prowess, and that has maintained throughout my involvement. They’ve become mentors to me, as well as best friends! You wouldn’t have been born when they were around first time?

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