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I moved my face, because I knew something was going to happen.” The fired blank luckily held only a quarter load.

It caught Delgado on the left side of his face, just missing his eye. Dubov called for a nurse to clean him up and wash his eye out, but the director ordered, “No, just turn the kid around.”Calling Dubov a wonderful actor, he says, “You always met those established character actors that you could follow. I wasn’t going to be like a lot of other young actors.

Driving his agent to the studios, he met casting office personnel and eventually was on first name basis with them.

He became Alvarado’s chauffeur and his natural affability paid off.

She walks over and eats his schlong and after which climbs on his lounger for a dick. We can’t use him’.” Shut out from the get-go, he couldn’t make connections through the usual means. good actor, but we don’t have any Latins in this script, Carlos.He became “Henry Delgado from New York” instead of “Henry Delgado from Puerto Rico,” but to little avail. But Hollywood has been called a meat market and day players with a line or two are cheap ground chuck.

They began throwing him uncredited roles with, if he was lucky, a line or two of dialogue.Their attitude was, ‘Hey man, I’m here doing two lines for two days, one inside the house and one on the porch. ’ They’d say their lines and vanish.” He knew opportunity when it knocked and hung around the set, watching and learning.

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