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18-Aug-2015 01:31

Not to mention the health benefits and the minerals that you are feeding to your body.

Not only am I hooked on it but my children ask for "the blue bottle water" over anything else! As an endurance athlete with Lupus, I'm always trying to find products that will help my performance and keep me healthy during my training and races. I've been drinking the water consistently for 2 months.

Since drinking the water, I have noticed increased hydration, lower inflammation, quicker recovery and better overall performance. As a person with several autoimmune diseases, this water is now a permanent part of my everyday supplement plan.

Thank you Diamond Creek Water for changing my life!

Thank you Diamond Creek for playing such a huge role in helping me achieve a personal best at Beach2Battleship Full Triathlon this past October.

She was hospitalized with dehydration in February of 2016.

A friend recommended trying Diamond Creek water for it’s alkalinity. Other alkaline waters weren’t as effective so I assume there is something more to the story. Since becoming a Burn Boot Camp owner and committing my life to fitness and good health, I am very aware of what I eat or drink.

There is not a day that I don’t have my pantry stocked with Diamond Creek. It’s not just for a healthy lifestyle, it saved her life! The first time I drank Diamond Creek water I knew I was hooked.

The thing that got me right away was how smooth it was and that it actually had a slight taste which I really enjoy.