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On their 17th trip to Wando County in South Jeolla, the cast was told to live and experience the wildlife having no access to their cellphones and having to build a tent on their own with the materials provided by the production crew.In June 2008, they travelled to Baekdu Mountain (Changbai Mountain), which is located on the border of North Korea and China.The cast members have made various trips throughout Korea, including many offshore islands.The most notable trip to date was to the Liancourt Rocks, controversial due to the ownership claims on the island by both South Korea (which calls them Dokdo) and Japan (which calls them Takeshima).~~ Based on webcomic “Woorijibe Saneun Namja” by Yoo Hyun Sook. A mock society game show will unfold in a controlled village environment over 14 days between 22 contestants.If you complete the challenges given to you and survive until the end, 150...Before Hong Na Ri's mother died, she married Go Nan Gil.

The humanist drama depicts how the two doctors meet the oddball doctor, Kim Sa Bu and become to realize the true value of life and solace of love. Her mother passed away 3 years ago and she doesn't have any other immediate family members.Hong Na Ri returns to her hometown to visit her mother's grave during her death anniversary. The man, Go Nan Gil, introduces himself as her father.